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Information for former AIB customers with variable rate mortgages

Link Financial may change the Interest Rate on standard variable rate mortgage loans. This means the costs of your monthly repayments may go up or down.

What does Link Financial consider when setting variable interest rates?

If you have a variable interest rate on your mortgage loan, the amount of interest you pay is subject to change.  The interest rate may be adjusted by Link Financial in accordance with the terms and conditions of your mortgage loan. The factors that influence your variable rate include the cost to us of funding and servicing our mortgage loans.

Although some factors which influence interest rates fluctuate on a frequent basis, we only consider making a change to our existing variable rates when there are significant movements, for example, if there was a substantial change in our costs for funding or servicing our mortgage loans.

In the event that a rate adjustment becomes necessary, we review the rates available in the market for equivalent mortgage loans (those with a similar risk profile) before making any change.  You will be notified in advance of any rate change.

How does Link Financial make decisions when setting variable interest rates?

Link Financial’s variable interest rates will be reviewed should there be a significant change in the influencing factors noted above.  In these circumstances, any rate adjustment will be considered in light of the financial impact on the factors indicated above.

Why does Link Financial have different variable rates?

The rate applicable to your loan is in accordance with the terms and conditions of your mortgage agreement when you took out your loan.

Could I change to a different type of interest rate or a lower interest rate?

We don’t currently offer any other mortgage rates, but will notify you if this changes in the future.