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Credit Management

Efficient credit control and the recovery of debts is essential to every organisation – our credit management and specialist debt recovery teams work together to deliver positive cash flows and stable financial management.

Our credit management process works with our clients’ customers to resolve outstanding balances on customer invoices, assist in allocating payments, raising credit notes and supporting the clients’ sales teams. We provide first class customer service to resolve all payment queries while maintaining a professional and compliant manner.

Our systematic approach to arrears improves cash flow and reduces the volume of accounts requiring third party collection. Our resource is flexible in scale and delivers online reporting, keeping clients updated in real time about the status of their arrears.

We offer debt collection and receivables management solutions to banks, credit unions, utilities, telecoms, education, the public sector and SME organisations.

We have an excellent track record of recovering debts and securing payments for businesses of all sizes, starting from the initial ‘pre-demand’, right through to court litigation, should the need arise. If litigation is required, our experienced in-house solicitors will ensure that your return is maximised.

  • Our service is professional and courteous, protecting your reputation
  • We are responsive, flexible and can scale resources as required
  • We can integrate all legal and litigation requirements into the credit management process
  • We can handle any size of creditor account
  • We offer best in class technology and account reporting

To find out more about Link Financial’s Credit Management services, please call us on: +353 91 7000 10 or email: [email protected]