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Corporate Services

Finding Positive Outcomes

Link Financial is the largest and most established credit management business in Ireland.

Founded in 1976, our experience, professionalism and track-record have made us the partner of choice for many of Ireland’s leading financial institutions and commercial organisations.

We are part of the Link Financial Group which operates in nine countries managing over 5.3 million customer accounts and €60bn of receivables across our European platform.

The administration of your loans, with the highest standards of customer service, compliance and information technology, can be costly and resource intensive.

Outsourcing this function to Link Financial provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and without putting your reputation or your relationship with your customers at risk.
Efficient credit control and the recovery of debts is essential to every organisation.

Our credit management and specialist debt recovery teams work together to deliver positive cash flows and stable financial management.
Link Financial is able to acquire the distressed or non-core receivables that can otherwise tie up the valuable capital and operational resources of banks, financial institutions, credit unions and commercial entities.

We can purchase defaulted or impaired loans, rescheduled accounts and entire run-off books of performing loans.
Link Financial offers standby servicing solutions to corporate clients and investors looking to mitigate the risk of primary servicer failure and the potential disruption to cash flows.

We deliver discrete solutions at cold, warm and hot stages of standby servicing provision with service delivery provided through a dedicated client manager.