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Debt Purchase

Link Financial is able to acquire the distressed or non-core receivables that can otherwise tie up valuable capital and operational resources of banks financial institutions, credit unions and other commercial entities. We can purchase defaulted or impaired loans, rescheduled accounts and entire run-off books of performing loans.


Our business is built on treating customers ethically and fairly – nothing less will do. Once portfolios are purchased and under our management, we combine intelligent use of data with a human touch to establish positive relationships with customers without creating risk to your reputation.


Whether your portfolio is classified as performing or non-performing, whatever the product or status of the underlying customer, we are able to leverage our Group’s 24-year-old data warehouse and experience of the evaluation of more than 4,700 loan pools, to assess your receivables. This means that, together with our investor partners, we can provide you with reliable fair value consideration.

Benefits of sale:

Disposing of your non-performing loans can have significant benefits through releasing valuable, tied-up capital, reducing the operating costs and freeing up the resource invested in internal recovery platforms.

To find out more about our end-to-end service, from portfolio valuation and data analysis to the acquisition and servicing of your customer accounts, please call us on: +353 91 7000 10 or email: [email protected]