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Standby Servicing

Our standby servicing (back up servicing) solutions ensure continuity of cash flow and protect the value of assets for issuers and investors in the event of a failure of the primary servicer.

When partnering with us as a Standby Servicer or back up Servicer, UK and European lenders can benefit from our:

  • Experience onboarding third party portfolios including consumer credit and residential mortgages;
  • Ability to onboard portfolios quickly and accurately;
  • Customer service standards which replicate or exceed their own;
  • Expertise in the design and implementation of standby arrangements in varying stages of operational excellence;
  • Reliance on a best-in-class servicing platform rated by Standard & Poor’s;
  • Ability to handle regular data feeds to keep critical portfolio information up to date in the event of any operational incident; and
  • A proven ability to mitigate the risks associated with any minor or major servicing failure.


We have a range of clients across many sectors including banking, peer to peer, SMEs, mobile phone finance, insurance, student finance, retail and motor finance. Standard & Poor’s ranks our principal servicing business as “Strong” for its special servicing capabilities and “Above Average” for primary servicing.


Link offers discrete solutions at each of the three stages of standby servicing provision — Cold, Warm and Hot — with service delivery provided through a dedicated client manager supported by on-the-ground resource at our local Link offices.


An effective back up/standby servicing provision, a servicer that is flexible, agile and ready to scale up at short notice — we deliver on all fronts. We can tailor solutions by asset class and have the capacity to absorb transitions between varying standby servicing states as required.


Customers are the lifeblood of your business and ours: every person, at every level within Link understands that. We know that the chances of achieving positive outcomes are greatly improved when people are treated respectfully and in an empathetic and fair way.

To find out more about our standby/back up servicing capabilities, contact us by calling 0292 085 8728 or emailing [email protected].