Link Finanziaria maintains the highest professional standards

Link Finanziaria maintains the highest professional standards


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We are very pleased to report that Paolo Musaragno has won the Credit Manager with particular attention to Professional Deontology award at the annual Credit Management & Collection Awards gala event.

Link Finanziaria congratulates Paolo on this impressive achievement which is awarded on the basis of: ”having carried out all the main functions related to the management of problematic loans from a Legal and Deontological point of view and having provided among the first of the certifications on the correct management of data. Manager always attentive and scrupulous in compliance with the regulations “.

Paolo is Legal Manager at Link Finanziaria.  He also has oversight of the legal and compliance function of Generale Gestione Crediti in Milan following its acquisition by the Link Financial Group in 2018, bringing a unified approach as well as operational and qualitative standardisation to the teams.

At Link Finanziaria, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency and fairness to ensure we operate in a compliant and ethical manner.

  • We are careful and diligent in the conduct of our business with both clients and customers.
  • We train our staff to be empathetic and to work with customers to find positive outcomes. We treat customers fairly and have measures in place to ensure that vulnerable customers receive the help they need.
  • We take data protection very seriously and ensure that all data is kept secure and processed appropriately.
  • Our complaints procedure ensures that customers are able to raise issues with us and have them investigated.
  • We ensure that the company complies with all legal requirements for our business.
  • We maintain a collaborative relationship with our industry’s regulators.