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International Women’s Day 2020 – Gordana Dragun

Gordana Dragun
In-House Lawyer



“I hope to be both a mentor and positive role model to other women looking to achieve their career goals with Link.”

Link Financial is committed to being an equal opportunities employer.  As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we’ve been celebrating the achievements and contributions of all of our female employees.

Below, Gordana Dragun shares her thoughts on her career at Link and what International Women’s Day means to her.


Since I started with Link I have been responsible for setting up the legal processes, as well as being the contact person for all legal matters whether concerning the Operational business or Company legal matters (HR etc).

What makes the job interesting is that it is extremely varied and constantly changing with new and evolving challenges. My role continues to evolve and grow as I take on additional and new responsibilities such as the ever changing requirements for our DCA license, Managing our Money laundering compliance and Project Managing the takeover / on boarding of new secured and unsecured portfolios as well as vendor management. In addition I am heavily involved in our ongoing due diligence processes and the asset management of both my own real estate secured cases but the foreclosure process of all the German firms cases.

What I like about working for Link is that we are a very results orientated Company. Whilst our rapid growth does mean more control and processes we still remain very flexible , creative and imaginative in our approach to business and encourage everybody to think “outside the box”.  Despite the growth in numbers of the past 13 years, I like the fact that our management structure remains fairly flat, and that open and honest communication is both encouraged and part of our culture.  What I also like about our firm is that the importance of the individual is recognised. In order to achieve our career goals the firm still recognise the importance of family life. In fact, a healthy work life balance is actively encouraged which sets us apart from some other organisations.

When I first joined Link, one of the things that inspired and motivated me was that our COO and co founder was a woman.

I believe the theme of this years International Women’s Day is “Each for Equal”, promoting the idea that everyone should work together to create a gender equal world.

The young bright, ambitious, confident and professional women joining the Group today all belong to a new generation. I hope to be both a mentor and positive role model to other women looking to achieve their career goals with Link.