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Finding positive outcomes

Link Financial is one of Germany’s most trusted purchasers and servicers of secured and unsecured credit.

Established in 2007, our scale, professionalism and expertise has persuaded many of Germany’s leading banks, financial institutions and alternative providers of credit to use our services.

Through our Group’s European platform – which spans nine countries – we manage more than 4.5 million customer accounts and over €50 billion of receivables.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Everyone at Link knows and accepts that each customer — irrespective of their circumstances — has to be treated fairly and with respect. We listen carefully to what they have to say, take full account of their circumstances and work to find a positive outcome.

Customer-centric and compliant

We’re committed to doing the right thing for our customers:

  • We conform to all relevant rules, regulations and guidelines and the principles of Treating Customers Fairly are embedded into all of our policies and procedures;
  • We are proud of what we do. We act sensitively and with integrity. Our approach is considerate, transparent and fair;
  • We are mindful of the impact our actions have on the wider communities in which we operate and we always seek to make a positive difference; and
  • For us, operating a compliant and ethical business is not just something that we’re obliged to do, we fundamentally believe it is the right way to operate and forms the basis of everything we do.
Debt Purchase

Debt Purchase

Analysis & acquisition of secured and unsecured portfolios.

Link Financial is able to acquire distressed or non-core receivables and assets that can otherwise tie up valuable capital and operational resources of banks and other credit issuers.

We can purchase real estate portfolios, defaulted or impaired loans, rescheduled accounts and entire run-off books.

Real Estate
Credit Cards
Auto Loans


Our business is built on treating customers ethically and fairly – nothing less will do. By combining intelligent use of data with a human touch, we look to establish relationships with customers which will ultimately lead to positive outcomes without creating risk to your reputation.


Whatever the product or status of the underlying customer, we are able to leverage Group resource and experience of evaluating more than 2,500 loan pools to assess your receivables. This means that, together with our investor partners, we can provide you with fair value consideration today.

Benefits of sale:

Disposing of your non-performing loans can have significant benefits through releasing valuable, tied-up capital, reducing the operating costs and freeing up the resources invested in internal recovery platforms.

To find out more about our end to end service, from portfolio valuation and data analysis to the acquisition and servicing of your customer accounts, please call 069-247560555 or email [email protected]


Loan & Asset Servicing

A safe pair of hands.

The combination of a long-standing track record, leading-edge technology and an experienced team of people has made Link Financial the trusted credit expert for Germany’s lenders and loan portfolio investors.

We service a wide spectrum of secured and unsecured loans and receivables including consumer finance, mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, asset finance and commercial (SME) receivables.


Real Estate
Credit Cards
Auto Loans


Our demonstrable track record — coupled with our blue chip client list — has convinced many of Germany’s banks, financial institutions and providers of credit to rely on our services.


With more than 900 people across nine European locations, we have the expertise and the resources to acquire and manage your loan portfolios, irrespective of complexity, size, product terms or jurisdiction.


We seek a positive outcome for all concerned. That goal can only be achieved if customers are treated courteously and fairly. The people at Link are experienced, empathetic and trained to handle conversations with your customers in a constructive and transparent manner. And we don’t make promises we can’t keep.


No other service provider in the loans market has more experience of data migration and analytics than Link. Our Group has transferred and integrated more than 4.5 million account records from our clients’ systems onto our European-wide technology platform.

To find out more about our loan servicing capabilities, please call 069-247560555 or email [email protected]

Backup Servicing

Backup Servicing

Our backup solutions ensure continuity of cash flow and protect the value of assets for issuers and investors in the event of a failure of the primary servicer.

When partnering with us as a Backup Servicer (“BUS”), lenders and investors can expect:

  • Customer service standards which replicate or exceed their own;
  • Experience in the design and implementation of stand-by arrangements in varying stages of operational excellence;
  • Ability to handle regular data feeds to keep critical portfolio information up to date in the event of any operational incident; and
  • A proven ability to mitigate the risks associated with any minor or major servicing failure.


Link offers discrete solutions at each of the three stages of BUS provision — Cold, Warm and Hot — with service delivery provided through a dedicated client manager supported by on-the-ground resource at our local Link offices.


An effective backup servicing provision, a servicer that is flexible, agile and ready to scale up at short notice — we deliver on all fronts. We can tailor solutions by asset class and have the capacity to absorb transitions between varying BUS states as required.


Customers are the lifeblood of your business and ours: every person, at every level within Link understands that. We know that the chances of achieving positive outcomes are greatly improved when people are treated respectfully and in an empathetic and fair way.

To find out more about our back up servicing capabilities, please call 069-247560555 or email [email protected]

Contact us

Contact us

To learn more about our services or to speak to our team, please contact:

T: 069-247560555
E: [email protected]

Link Financial GmbH
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 7
60329 Frankfurt am Main


We are always keen to hear from ambitious, talented individuals who want to find out more about working at Link Financial.  Send your CV to: [email protected].

Information about how we manage your data when you apply for a role can be found here.