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International Women’s Day 2020 – Aura Correia

Aura Correia

Operations Team Manager



“At Link, I have grown professionally.”

Link Financial is committed to being an equal opportunities employer.  As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we’ve been celebrating the achievements and contributions of all of our female employees.

Below, Aura Correia shares her thoughts on her career at Link and what International Women’s Day means to her.


I’ve been working at Link Financial for almost 2 years.  My role allows me the opportunity to get involved in many aspects of the business and I have a multiplicity of daily tasks ranging from managing people in the Legal and Amicable Department, to controlling the monthly results of each portfolio and supporting  the analysis of new portfolios whenever required.

The opportunity to work at Link Financial gave me a completely different experience of the business, with a much more global and holistic view. At Link, I have grown professionally and I have accepted more responsibility with enthusiasm. This role allows me to develop further with each challenge, something that I deeply enjoy.

I’ve found working in Asset Management and Credit Recovery rewarding since the start of my career, and at Link Financial this is no exception. This also comes from the fact that I strongly identify with Link’s values, which allow me to guide both myself and my team, in what I believe is the right direction.

International Women’s Day in my family is a very special day. First because it was the day my husband chose to celebrate our wedding. So each and every year is always a very special moment for us. Secondly, because I was blessed with 3 beautiful daughters who I hope will become 3 wonderful women and find a world of opportunities open to them when they grow up.

Happy International Women’s day!