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Important information for customers

Dear Customer,

Due to the current and on-going situation surrounding Covid-19, Link Financial Outsourcing is currently operating a reduced service via our call centre and it may take a little longer than usual for you to get through to us.

Our other services are fully operational and you can still make payments and manage your account as follows:

Making Payments

  • Direct Debit/Standing Order – if you pay your account by Direct Debit & Standing Order, your payment will process in the normal way and there is no need for you to take any action.
  • On-line – if you use online banking, you can make payments directly to us using our bank details. Sort code – 40-05-30, Account Number – 54192761, quoting your Link reference number.
  • Web site – you can make payments via the “customer” section of our website
  • Secure payments line – by dialling 03330 145 145 and choosing option 1.
  • Bank payment slip* – if your bank is open you can pay over the counter quoting our bank details (as above) and your reference number.
  • By post* – you can still send payments to the usual address and your payment will be processed and added to your account as soon as possible.

* delays possible.

Managing your account

You can manage your account via the “portal” section of this website which enables you to change your address, set up a repayment plan and set up a direct debit. You can find the portal here:

Other ways to contact us

You can also get in touch via:

We’re here to help

As always, our priority is the welfare & wellbeing of you our customers.

We recognise that you may be impacted through no fault of your own. If you are struggling to maintain your payments to Link or need a little more time than usual to sort out your finances, please do let us know so that we can help.

In addition, it is important that you try and maintain payments on your priority bills including your mortgage/rent, council tax and utility bills. If you are struggling with any of these, it’s important to speak to someone who can help as soon as possible.

For assistance regarding your finances you can also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or telephone StepChange Debt Charity on 0800 138 1111 both of whom provide free and independent advice.

Finally, we wish all our customers well and thank you for your patience.

If you’re a new customer…

…there are just two points to remember:

  • From now on, your repayments should be made directly to us — not your original lender
  • If you can’t keep to the arrangements we agree between us, you must let us know straight away so that we can consider a more manageable repayment plan. Please call 0800 064 4499 or email us at
Treating customers fairly from day one

Treating customers fairly from day one

We’re committed to doing the right thing for you

When it comes to managing your finances, 99 per cent of the time things run smoothly. But should a problem crop up, we’ll do whatever’s necessary to help you solve it.

Everyone at Link knows and accepts that each customer — irrespective of their circumstances — has to be treated fairly and with respect. We will listen carefully to what you have to say, take full account of your circumstances and work to find a positive outcome for you. In the end, we’re here to solve problems, not create them.

However there may be occasions where you think we could have done better.

Our Complaint Handling Procedure is clear and simple. It gives customers an easy way to contact us when they need to complain, and in turn, allows our business to give the complaint the attention it deserves and resolve any issues fairly and without delay.

Our dedicated Complaints & Dispute Resolution Team are here to assist you with your concerns and can be contacted by post, email or telephone:

The Complaints & Dispute Resolution Team
Link Financial Outsourcing Limited
PO Box 30095
London SE1 7WU

Telephone: 0330 024 7050
Lines are open:
Monday to Friday     09:00 to 17:00


You may download a copy of our Complaint Handling Procedure and a Complaint Form.

Link Financial Outsourcing Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority  and works with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to resolve customer disputes.

For further details on the Financial Ombudsman Service visit or call 0800 023 4 567 (calls to this number are free on mobile phones and landlines). Or you can write to: The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR.

Link is a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA).

As a CSA member, we are proud to support their #heretohelp initiative which aims to give people who are in debt the confidence to get back in control.

You can watch their video here.

Make a card payment

Make a card payment

Making your payments online by debit card is a secure, immediate and easy way to pay.

The ‘Pay online’ link will take you to our secure payments page where you can enter your debit card details.

Please note that in line with industry best practice, Link does not accept payments made by credit card.

If you believe you have made an incorrect payment online or via our automated telephone service, please contact us on 03330 145 145. We will investigate and, where applicable, refund the incorrect payment.

Pay Online
Set up a Direct Debit

Set up a Direct Debit

Setting up a direct debit is a helpful and simple way to make regular payments.

In order to set up a direct debit, please complete the below form. Once complete, we will send you a confirmation via email.

Set up a Direct Debit
If you are able to make a final settlement offer or increase your regular repayments

If you are able to make a final settlement offer or increase your regular repayments

Settling your account

If you find yourself in a position where you have sufficient funds to propose a realistic final settlement figure (in the form of a lump sum), please let us know.

Your offer will be considered based on the total amount you owe us and your individual circumstances. We’ll let you know quickly if your offer is accepted and, if it is, the rest of your debt will be written off on receipt of your payment.

Increasing your regular payments

If you have a payment plan with us and wish to increase the payments, you’ll need to complete a new Personal Budget Form so that we can consider a new arrangement. You can download the Personal Budget Form here.

Please send the completed form to:

Link Financial Outsourcing, PO Box 30095, London SE1 7WU or by email:

Regular payment plans

Regular payment plans

We want to help

If your account is overdue, or in default, we expect you to repay all the money you owe as soon as possible. If you’re not able to do that, we may be able to arrange a regular payment plan for you. A payment plan allows you to repay your debt over a period of time and usually without any extra interest being added to your account.

To qualify for a payment plan, you’ll need to be totally open with us and tell us why you’re not able to pay the entire debt straight away. We’ll want to be certain that you can keep to your payment plan taking into account your income, essential outgoings and any other financial commitments you may have. You’ll also need to agree not to take out any additional credit during the repayment period.

Please don’t ignore the problem — it’s not going to go away

It’s important that you take action now. We want to work with you to help you get your finances back on track, as we’ve done with thousands of other people in the same situation.

If you wish to apply for a payment plan please download the form here and return it to us once completed.

Please send the completed form to:

Link Financial Outsourcing Limited
PO Box 30095
London SE1 7WU


Get free, confidential and expert advice on a debt problem

Get free, confidential and expert advice on a debt problem

Unlike commercial debt management companies, which usually charge for their services — so increasing your total debt — debt advice charities are impartial and free to use. You may also find it helpful to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Step Change Debt Charity:
Helpline 0800 138 1111

National Debtline:
Helpline 0808 808 4000

These organisations will go through your situation, explaining the jargon and suggest how you can start to get to grips with the problem.


You can also check your credit report for free with Credit Karma.

Credit Karma provides free credit scores and reports and can help you take the first step towards better financial health. There are no catches and no additional charges.

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand your credit score and rating to help you make smart financial decisions
  • Gain visibility to help protect against identity fraud
     check your credit score


Frequently asked questions

The golden rule.

Nobody enjoys falling behind with their loan repayments, especially in circumstances which are outside of their control. But the golden rule to keep in mind is that the problem will not go away simply because you ignore it. Please talk to us — we want to do all we can to help.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us in the following ways -

Phone: 0800 064 4499

Lines are open:

• 8.00am to 8.30pm Monday to Thursday
• 8.00am to 5.00pm on Friday
• 9.00am to 5.00pm on Saturday

Calls may be monitored or recorded for staff training, quality and security purposes.

Post: Link Financial Outsourcing, PO Box 30095, London SE1 7WU

I didn’t borrow any money from Link, so why do I have to pay you?

Some lenders find the administration of loans and credit burdensome. So if they wish, lenders can exercise the right to pass on the debts they’re owed to another company. Which is what’s happened in your case. Link is now responsible for collecting your payments. This change is nothing to be overly concerned about — you’ll find us fair, helpful and sympathetic.

What’s the legal basis for this?

The legal term for your debt is a ‘chose in action’. Whenever a debt is passed on to us, we are required (under Section 136 of the Law of Property Act 1925) to send the customer a ‘Notice of Assignment’ letter, which confirms that your debt is due to Link. Link, and the lenders we work with, operate strictly within UK consumer credit law at all times.

I’ve mistakenly sent a payment to my original lender: is that a problem?

No — they will pass that payment on to us, but there will be a small delay in paying off, or reducing, what you owe. Please remember to make all your future payments directly to Link.

Will you be adding interest to my debt?

The majority of loan and credit accounts managed by us do not accrue interest during the collections process. ( The Notice of Assignment we sent to you will specify if your debt is accruing interest. )

Where possible, we like to negotiate the repayment of the outstanding balance with you without applying any additional costs. If however, we are unable to reach an arrangement-to-pay and the account is passed to our internal legal team, then, statutory interest will be charged up to the point of entry into judgement. A small but specific section of accounts are charged interest throughout the collections process. These are particular personal loan balances and the interest amounts applied by Link are charged at the pre-existing contractual rate and up to the maximum amount that would have been charged by the original lender had you not defaulted on the loan.

I can’t pay this debt in one go. Can you help?

It’s in your and our interests for us to work together and create a plan that helps you repay what you owe. Sometimes it’s possible to set up a payment plan where you make smaller payments over a longer period of time, or no further interest charges will be added to your debt. But you must be open with us and be willing to give us full details of your finances.

I don’t owe this debt

If you have ANY disagreement about the debt we are claiming from you, then please call or write to us and tell us why. The account may then be placed on hold while our specialist team investigates the matter with you and, where relevant, the original lender. We really do not want to ask for money from people who do not owe it.

Will you take legal action against me?

We do take legal action to recover debts. But we will always notify you (or your advisor) of any action that we’re considering.

Now I’m a Link customer, am I on a “credit blacklist”?

Some credit reference agencies will have information about your financial history. You can check your credit status, through, or Link also contributes data to these agencies, although for thousands of our customers we’re pleased to report that they are maintaining their account with us properly, or have repaid their debt in full.

But will I always have problems getting finance?

Not necessarily. Your best course of action is to keep up your payments to us and your other creditors. Doing that should improve your credit rating in due course.

I’ve repaid my debt but that’s not showing on my credit report. Why not?

A credit reference agency will only remove negative information if there has been a genuine mistake, or if you’ve been subject to fraud. On the positive side, Link will report your debt as ‘satisfied’ once it has been repaid.

What if I’m being advised by a debt management company?

You should ask your advisor to send us a copy of their authority to act on your behalf and a copy of your financial statement. Once we have that information, we will try to liaise with them. We treat all debts on a case by case basis, so it makes no difference to us whether an advisor is involved or not.

I can’t see a way out of my financial difficulties. What can I do?

There are two things you must do.
1. Give us a call and talk to us.
2. Get some independent, expert help. We recommend Step Change — their debt advisory service is free.

Contact us

To maintain our services during the Covid 19 pandemic we are operating reduced opening hours in our contact centre.

Our opening hours are currently 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours you can still manage your account and make payments via our website and self service portal.

Please have your Link Reference number to hand when you contact us and include it in any written communication.

Phone: 0800 064 4499
(Now free to call from a mobile)

Calls may be monitored or recorded for staff training, quality and security purposes


Post: Link Financial Outsourcing Limited, PO Box 30095, London SE1 7WU

DX: DX 148020 Caerphilly 6

Personal Budget Form

Although our Account Officers are able to take a financial statement over the phone you may want to download and complete our Personal Budget Form and mail it to us with your offer of repayment.

General Enquiries

For general non-customer enquiries about Link, please contact us on 0870 845 8484 or email us at