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International Women’s Day 2020 – Amanda McCann-Heather Williams

Link Financial Outsourcing is committed to being an equal opportunities employer.  As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we’ve been celebrating the achievements and contributions of all of our female employees.

Below, Amanda McCann and Heather Williams share their thoughts on their careers at Link and what International Women’s Day means to them.

Amanda McCann

Voice of the Customer



“Link is very supportive of returning Mums”


Heather Williams

Head of Operations – Performing Loans



“I aim to be a positive role model for younger women in our company and encourage them to follow their dreams”


Amanda McCann

My career at Link Financial Outsourcing began in November 2003 when I was hired as the Recruitment Manager for the UK business, a London office with 75 employees. Now that business is unrecognisable and we are part of a Europe-wide Group of Link Financial companies, employing over 800 people across 11 offices.

I see my career very much in stages, “pre” and “post” children. In the first stage of my career at Link I recruited extensively, managed the Training and Development function in the UK then worked as an Analyst assisting with our operational functions in Europe. The second stage involved setting up and managing the Complaints and Vulnerable Customer business areas and finally, the third stage (and fifth role) in the business as Voice of the Customer, ensuring that the customer is at the heart of key business decisions and policies.

My roles have been challenging but the teams I have worked with are so committed to making the customer journey a positive one which has, in turn, made my own journey more enjoyable.

The ambitions I held 16 years ago have not lessened over the years but simply changed to fit alongside my new priorities. Link is very supportive of returning Mums, and I am pleased to say that my most demanding (but rewarding) job roles were offered to me when I returned from both periods of Maternity leave.

Career aspirations can take a battering when you have young children; however, with hard work and commitment it is possible to keep them afloat. My children are still young but they won’t be forever and I want to be prepared for future challenges. Link recognises the importance of learning and development and  I am excited to be able to  study for  an ICA diploma which will both help develop me in my current role as well as preparing me  for the next stage of my career.

When I reach the next stage of my career, I hope to find an industry landscape that promotes more positive steps to redress gender imbalance and better board representation for women. It can be difficult for women to return to work and find any semblance of work/home balance but I am grateful that Link provides the support and flexibility to help me achieve that.




Heather Williams

I joined Link in 2013 as Head of Operations in the Performing Loans team.  As Head of Operations I manage a team of just over 100 people, which I do supported by a fantastic group of Operational and Team Managers.

The Performing Loans team provides an outsourced portfolio management service for a diverse group of portfolios on a white label basis; this means that every day is different and exciting.  As Head of Operations my focus is on supporting and empowering my Operations Managers and the wider Performing Loans team to continuously improve the service we offer to our clients and to develop their skills in all aspects of our business.

We’re a very collaborative company and we all play a part, either large or small, in making the company the success it is today.  My team’s contribution is recognised and appreciated at all levels within the company which motivates everyone to strive to achieve our goals.  Link is a company with strong values and diversity and equality are important to us.

I aim to be a positive role model for younger women in our company, and hope that the focus on International Women’s Day will encourage them to follow their dreams and take every opportunity for advancement. I’m proud to say that Link Financial is certainly a supportive environment for them to do that.