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International Women’s Day 2020 – Karolina Karallús – Yolanda Sierra



Link Finanzas is committed to being an equal opportunities employer.  As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we’ve been celebrating the achievements and contributions of all of our female employees.

Below, Karolina Karallús and Yolanda Sierra share their thoughts on their careers at Link and what International Women’s Day means to them.

Karolina Karallús

Team leader



“I always think about my mother on International Women’s Day and all the values she taught me when I was a child. She’s still an inspiration to me today.”



Yolanda Sierra

Admin Officer



“very often women are super heroes – I teach my daughter that women can pursue any career they like and that we are stronger than we think.”


Karolina Karallús

I’ve been working at Link Finanzas for 8 years now.  Since I started, I have worked in several departments including servicing, SMEs and NPLs which gave me a really good overview of the company and business. In 2019, I was really pleased to be promoted to Team Leader.  It has been challenging, but step by step I have grown into the role and I have discovered how best to manage and motivate my team. I really enjoy this aspect of my role as it means I can support my team members and help them to continue to progress.

I joined the Company in the middle of the international financial crisis.  Everyone at Link Finanzas worked really hard and thanks to all of our work and effort, we came out of that period stronger and more successful than before.

I really enjoy my job – we have a great team of people here and they work very hard. My day to day is so dynamic, the time just flies. The best thing about working at Link Finanzas is the people and the positivity in my team.

I always think about my mother on International Women’s Day and all the values she taught me when I was a child.  She’s still an inspiration to me today.  From her I learned to assert myself, work hard and be independent and I’m sharing those same values with my own daughter.

Things are improving as far as equality for women is concerned but there’s still work to be done.  The theme for International Women’s Day is “Each for Equal”, and my hope is that my daughter does find a more equal world when she grows up.









Yolanda Sierra

I joined Link Finanzas 15 years ago in November 2004 when the company was first established, so I have been on the whole journey so far.

I’ve worked in several different teams since joining the company, including the administration and HR departments and now I work on the reception.

I have happy memories of my early days with Link, it was a small team and I was made very welcome.  Although we’re much bigger now, Link Finanzas has kept that friendly family feeling which makes it such a nice place to work.  The company arranges activities to encourage team spirit including Christmas parties and after work drinks each month.  I also enjoy the opportunity to meet colleagues from Link operations in other countries when they come to visit.

I enjoy welcoming our visitors – I see the reception desk as the face of the company and we are the first point of contact for many visitors including clients, so we’re always professional and friendly – first impressions count!

The thing I most enjoy about working at Link Finanzas is the people, I’ve been working here for a long time and have made some very good friends.

International Women’s Day is important because there’s still some way to go before we have a truly equal society.  Very often women are super heroes – working as well as looking after children and households.  Link Finanzas is very supportive in allowing flexible working so that we can arrange childcare and other responsibilities around work duties and enjoy our families.

I teach my daughter that women can pursue any career they like and that we are stronger than we think – it’s good to start introducing these ideas when they’re young.