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Finding positive outcomes

Link Finanzas is one of Spain’s most trusted servicers and purchasers of distressed debt.

Established in 2004, our scale, professionalism and expertise has persuaded many of Spain’s leading banks and providers of credit to use our services.

Through our Group’s European platform – which spans nine countries – our Group manages more than 5.3 million customer accounts and over €60 billion of receivables.

Our Approach

Our Approach

In safe hands.

Link Finanzas pioneered the sale of debt in Spain and is recognised as one of the leaders in the market. It has also helped transform the financial sector by managing the innovative structuring and sale of non-core assets.

Link is able to service a wide range of financial products including consumer loans, credit cards, auto loans, asset finance, mortgages, student loans and commercial loans.

Our team.

In Spain we have developed our own operational platform and employ over 180 internal staff. Our telephony, servicing and legal teams enable us to control and coordinate the recovery process from start to finish, with low reliance on third parties.

Our culture.

We seek a positive outcome for all concerned. That goal can only be achieved if customers are treated courteously and fairly. The people at Link are experienced, empathetic and trained to handle conversations with your customers in a constructive and transparent manner. And we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

Analysis and data.

No other service provider in the loans market has more experience of data migration and analytics than Link. Our Group has transferred and integrated more than 5.3 million account records from our clients’ systems onto our European-wide technology platform.

For more information about our services, contact us by phone on 917879730 or email via [email protected].

Portfolio Purchase

Portfolio Purchase

Since 1998, Link Financial Group has acquired more than 4,700 portfolios and manages a net book value of more than €60 billion across Europe.

In Spain, Link Finanzas pioneered the first purchase processes from major financial institutions taking place at a national level.

Since it began business in Spain, Link has managed over 56 portfolios from 12 different institutions. It currently manages over €5.5 billion, representing more than 920,000 clients. Our clients include major Spanish financial institutions, together with local and international groups.

Our culture:

Our business approach is focused on the client-service-recoveries axis. Our management team uses the systems and process methodology developed by the Group, which is adapted to meet the specific needs of our local market.

Over 12 years experience in purchasing and managing portfolios in a constantly evolving climate gives us an advantage over our competitors and those who rely solely on a servicing model.


Whether your portfolio is classified as performing or non-performing, whatever the product or status of the underlying customer, we are able to use our 20-year-old data warehouse and experience of the evaluation of more than 2,500 loan pools, to assess your receivables. This means that, together with our investor partners, we can provide you with fair value consideration today.

Benefits of sale:

Disposing of your non-performing loans can have significant benefits through releasing valuable, tied-up capital, reducing the operating costs and freeing up the resource invested in internal recovery platforms.

For more information on our services, contact us at 917 879 730 or by email to [email protected]

Leasing & Renting

Leasing & Renting

Link has extensive experience in leasing and renting management across Europe. This has led us to establish a subsidiary specialising in this type of financing: Victoria Asset Finance, based in the UK.


Experience in buying portfolios

  • Purchase in the UK of a live €495m industrial and commercial (performing) portfolio from a large European lender.
  • Purchase of Spanish portfolios within significant commercial leasing and mortgage segments.

Experience in management

  • Run-off management of multiple performing portfolios.
  • Internal management of purchased leasing portfolios.

Experience in finance

  • Financial and operating partner of a car financing enterprise in the United Kingdom.
  • In Spain, we have strengthened our commitment to this sector by becoming an associate member of the Spanish Association of Leasing and Renting in 2015 and taking an active part in the Association ever since.
Auto Finance

Auto Finance

Extensive experience in the sector.

Link Finanzas has acquired and managed more car finance loan portfolios than any other servicer over the last 12 years. Since 2004, Link has managed more than 50,000 vehicle loans for both individuals and companies with a total value of over €500 million.

We have been members of ASNEF, Spain’s national association of lending institutions, since 2004.



Link has concluded transactions with major financiers and general entities at both European and local levels. Our experience has enabled us to secure portfolio management and purchase agreements with leading brands across Europe.


Many of our transactions were concluded using stock purchase and recurring purchase models. We also manage a large volume of car loans through servicing agreements with various clients.

Integral management:

Link covers all phases of management for the recovery of loans and vehicles including amicable management, judicial management and on-site management. In addition, we have developed a nationwide vehicle recovery, deposit and re-marketing network that enables us to cover all logistical aspects of the servicing agreement.

Backup Servicing

Backup Servicing

Our backup (standby) servicing solutions ensure continuity of cash flow and protect the value of assets for issuers and investors in the event of a failure of the primary servicer.

When partnering with us as a backup servicer, Spanish and European lenders can benefit from our:

  • Customer service standards which replicate or exceed their own
  • Experience in the design and implementation of drawing up rights agreements at various operational stages;
  • Ability to manage data and maintain critical portfolio information in the event of an operational incident; and
  • Proven ability to mitigate risks associated with a failure in service management.


Link offers solutions at each of the three stages of BUP service provision: cold, warm and hot – through a local client manager.


Efficient, flexible, agile service provision, capable of scaling up at short notice.  We can adapt solutions to asset types and have the capacity to absorb transitions between different states of the BUS as required.


Clients are the soul of your business and ours: each person, at every level at Link shares this culture. We know that the chances of achieving positive results are greatly improved when people are treated with respect and in an empathetic and professional manner.

For more information on our services, contact us at 917 879 730 or by email to [email protected]



Join us:

At Link Finanzas we are always looking for talented, ambitious team members who are driven to excel.

People who strive and fulfil responsibly, facing new challenges with enthusiasm, eager to grow and make a difference.

Professional development:

At Link Finanzas, we firmly believe that the driving force behind our company is our employees. That is why we have implemented a growth plan based on three pillars: training, development and diversity.


  • The training process, based on a business model that requires constant innovation and teamwork, is crucial to Link Finanzas.
  • The training plans of our employees are adapted to the requirements of each of the organisation’s roles, within the framework of the wider corporate university.
  • In addition, knowledge of the business is vital and therefore all staff undergo an initial induction period and internal training, regardless of the position they will occupy within the organisation.


  • Our strategy is to prioritise growth opportunities by incentivising our teams through internal promotions. This approach is not just a policy; it forms part of our corporate DNA.
  • From the outset, Link Finanzas has focussed on developing a productive working environment for employees, allowing them to develop their professional skills and grow within the company. What’s important is not where you start, but how far you can go.


  • Be part of the growth at Link Finanzas, with fourteen offices in Europe and more than 1000 employees, working together in five languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Russian).
  • One of the pillars of our employee talent is the management of global human capital. Men, women, people of various ages and diverse backgrounds, but who form a single team in which common values prevail with a common denominator: “excellence and equality”.

If you want to be part of Link, don’t hesitate to send your CV to the following email address: [email protected].


Current Vacancies:



Information about how we manage your data when you apply for a role.

Contact us

Contact us

For more information on our services, or to talk to our team, please contact:

T: 91 787 97 30

E: [email protected]

Calle Albasanz 16 2ª Planta

Edificio Antalia

CP 28037 Madrid